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At Decas Group, our owner clients and our tenants understand our reputation for providing high quality leasing, management, and property maintenance services throughout Birmingham. We’re known as the property management leaders in this market and throughout the industry. We help reduce your vacancy loss, place well-qualified tenants quickly, and protect the condition of your property by managing and maintaining it to our own very high standards.

We partner with a number of real estate agents because we know these relationships are beneficial to us and to the Realtors as well as their clients.

If you’re a Birmingham real estate agent who has clients in need of Birmingham property management services, we can help you earn a referral fee and keep your best business. Refer your clients to us when they aren’t quite ready to sell their home or they’re not finding the price points they need in the current market.

Partnering with our team comes with a number of benefits.

Our Birmingham Real Estate Referral Program Helps You Retain Clients

Realtors prefer to spend their time buying and selling homes. We get it. It’s what you do best.

When your valued clients decide they want to rent out their home, you might feel conflicted about whether or not you can help them. You don’t want to manage properties without the right experience, tools, and resources. You can easily make an expensive mistake if you don’t know the state, federal, and local laws.

But, you don’t want to lose those clients to other agents.

Partner with our Birmingham property management team, and you can keep your clients and leave them in our capable hands. We respect your relationship, and we’re here to provide exceptional property management services while the property is being rented out. When they’re ready to transition from the rental market to the sales market, we’ll send them back to you.

For every client you send us, you’ll earn a referral fee. It’s an easy commission for you and a lot of peace of mind for both you and your client.

Birmingham Property Management You Can Trust

The role we have with your client is to lease, manage, and maintain their home. We’ll take care of:

  • Marketing
  • Tenant screening
  • Lease execution
  • Routine and emergency maintenance
  • Tenant relations
  • Lease enforcement
  • Rent collection
  • Rental property inspections

We’ll communicate frequently, letting your client know when a major repair is needed or if the home suffers from storm damage. You’ll be informed if there are problems, conflicts, or any kind of issue that needs to be communicated to your clients.

Property Management and Real Estate Relationships

We have successfully partnered with real estate agents throughout Birmingham. We know that helping clients buy and sell real estate is a full-time job. We have an entire team of qualified property managers who can take over the hassle of helping your clients rent out their home.

The agents we work with will tell you that we make the process easy. We pay your referral fee, we keep you in the communication loop, we’re transparent about everything we do with and for your clients, and then we step back as soon as property management services are no longer needed.

Sales marketWhether your clients aren’t sure they want to sell or they’re waiting to build more equity in their home before they put it on the sales market, we can help you and them with the Birmingham property management process. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at Decas Group.