How Technology Makes Managing Birmingham Rental Properties More Efficient - Banner

When you think about innovative technology, Birmingham property management may not be the first thing that comes to mind. 

However, when you work with a management company that has invested in great technology and property management software, you’ll have a lot of benefits when it comes to the way your property is leased, managed, and maintained. 

We love how technology has helped us automate a lot of functions and remain transparent and accountable to both our owners and tenants. 

Technology and the Leasing Process

An effective leasing process moves quickly. You want to reduce your vacancy and find a good tenant as soon as possible. This requires a sophisticated marketing strategy and a listing that’s easy to get in front of most potential renters in Birmingham. 

Technology helps by enabling us to syndicate our advertisements to a number of different rental site. We feature our available properties on our own website, and we utilize social media. When it comes to showing homes, we can use self-showing technology when necessary, allowing tenants to visit properties securely and conveniently. 

Analytics helps us pivot quickly if necessary. When no one is showing interest in your listing, we know the price point might be too high for the current market. When people are scheduling showings but not applying, we understand that the condition might be problematic or upgrades may be necessary to get the home rented. 

With access to the right data, we can also price your home correctly. This has a huge impact on our success in marketing and leasing your Birmingham rental home.

Technology and Property Management Accounting

Technology has helped us share information immediately with owners. Our platform includes an online portal, where you can see accounting statements, track rental payments, and view maintenance invoices. It’s transparent and user-friendly, making it the best way for you to keep up with how your investment property is performing. 

Tenants pay rent online, which means you get paid faster. With the online payment capabilities, we reduce the likelihood that rent will be paid late. Tenants can schedule reminders, set up automatic payments, and set recurring payments. It’s easy, automated, and well-documented. 

At tax time, we can easily provide a 1099 that clearly shows the income you earned on your rental property and the expenses that can potentially be deducted. This is much easier than it was in the days of paper ledgers and Excel spreadsheets.

Technology and Maintenance Needs

Even our maintenance process benefits from the use of technology. Routine repairs are requested online by tenants, which gives us a clear and documented explanation of the problem and a record of our response. We can keep track of preventative maintenance schedules, warranties, and service statements. 

Inspection reports are captures electronically and provided to you, with dozens of photographs and all of our recommendations. It’s easy for owners to view quotes, approve invoices, and see what needs to be done at their properties. 

We know that property management is a relationship business. We’ll never stop providing a personalized and customized service. However, technology has been a huge benefit to us, especially during the pandemic when many other companies had to struggle to modernize and automate. We’re already there, and it means the Birmingham property management experience for our owners is much better. 

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