How to Get Your Birmingham Rental Property Rent Ready - Banner

Before you hand over the keys and start collecting rent checks every month, you need to prepare your Birmingham rental property for the market. To find a great tenant who is willing to pay the amount of rent you’re asking, it’s important to make the property shine. You’re facing a lot of competition, and you don’t want to turn off prospective renters by not offering a property that’s clean, attractive, and welcoming.

Here is a quick checklist that covers some of the things you need to do when you’re getting your property ready for the Birmingham rental market.

Clean Out the Property

If previous tenants were living in the home, you need to remove any of the personal belongings they may have left behind. No one wants to move into a home with a leftover sofa or a cupboard full of food. 

Paint the Walls

Touch-up paint looks tacky and unprofessional. Invest in a full paint job. It will make the house look new and fresh. 

Clean the Windows

Check the window coverings and the screens. Torn or ripped screens should be replaced. Bent or dusty mini blinds should also get an upgrade. Clean the windows so it’s easy to see in and out of them. Tenants will notice streaking or dead insects in the window sills when they see the home and it won’t leave a great impression.

Make any Repairs and Replacements

Walk through the property to inspect all of its functions, systems, and appliances. Everything has to work well before you list and market the property. Test all the faucets and flush all the toilets. Turn the appliances on and all the lights. Make sure doors and windows lock. Change any air filters and light bulbs. Test the smoke detectors and the doorbells. If anything needs maintenance attention, schedule your vendors and get the work done right away. 

Pay Attention to Pest Control

Have the home treated for pests before you begin showing it. Consider a pest service that will spray for bugs and check for rodents routinely throughout the year. This type of preventative maintenance will prevent infestations and protect your property. It will also keep your tenants happy. No one likes to find bugs in the kitchen.

Professional Cleaning is Necessary

Once you’ve made sure everything is working the way it should and the minor repairs have been made, hire professional cleaners to thoroughly disinfect and clean the home. This will be important to tenants, especially when they’re viewing it. Work with a cleaning crew that pays attention to detail. Ceiling fans should be dusted and baseboards should be scrubbed. 

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Part of your rent-ready process should be ensuring the property looks good from the outside. If there’s debris all over the lawn or the paint is chipping and there’s a pile of branches on the roof, tenants might decide against seeing the inside. Whether it’s a single-family home or a unit in a multi-family building, make sure the outside is accessible, well-lit, and attractive. 

Change the Locks

changing door's keysIt’s always a good idea to re-key the property before you rent it out. You don’t know who your prior tenants gave copies of the key to. It’s better for your own security and your new tenant’s security. 

Once you’ve taken care of these initial items, you can take some great marketing photos and begin advertising your Birmingham home for rent. If you’d like some help, we’d be more than happy to assist with the leasing process. Contact our team at Decas Group.